A little bit

about the sisters...

Katelyn Ariagno RD, LDN and Meghan Ariagno RD, LDN are both registered, licensed dietitians.

Ironically, Katelyn and Meghan both earned Bachelor of Science Degrees in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Connecticut. They each completed their Dietetic Internship in New York City at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. Katelyn and Meghan are both Massachusetts natives who are currently based out of South Boston, Massachusetts.

Katelyn has over seven years of nutrition practice as a Registered Dietitian. Her career has had a primary focus in pediatric nutrition, working as a clinical nutrition specialist at Boston Children's Hospital in which she counsels children and their families on appropriate nutrition prescriptions specific to their conditions and for overall recovery and wellness. Katelyn's overall interest in nutrition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is also evident in her love for cooking, baking, and staying active.

Meghan has been working in outpatient hospital based settings in weight management for over five years, with both surgical and medical weight loss patients. She is currently a Senior Dietitian at Brigham and Women's Hospital, working closely with patients with concerns of weight loss, weight maintenance, and looking to make improvements in health. Meghan enjoys living a balanced lifestyle with enjoying some of Boston's great restaurants, eating Katelyn's baked goods, and exercising.

We continue to stay active not only in our current professions, with public speaking at conferences and collaborating with publications, but also active in community organizations.